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Way back in 1984, I saw a copy of the first Fighting Fantasy book: The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Having been inspired previously by seeing D&D being played on the screen in the film ET, my interest was certainly piqued. Thus began many years of diving in and out of tabletop RPGs with various groups.

These days, I'm playing Basic Fantasy RPG as the DM. It's a streamlined version of TSRs old B/X rules and incorporates ascending AC, seperate race and class (honestly, I prefer species over race, no matter what some of the grognards say) and some D20 rules for convenience. I think it's a very nice mash-up of what made old-school role-playing fun and some modern design that streamlines the flow of play.

Occasionally, I write and design adventures that can be modified and used in any fantasy TTRPG. You can find these at my page.